3 Major Factors that Affect Boat Dock Price

PITTSFORD, Mich. - Michimich -- Need to update your boat dock but hoping to save some money?

With waterfront property, boat docks are a necessary expense. You should think of your dock as an investment because it can increase the property value, but that doesn't mean you need to go overboard with spending when you're installing a boat dock!

What you really want in a boat dock is a good value, so it pays to think about the 3 biggest factors in boat dock price.

Materials: what's your boat dock made of?
Just like any construction project you take on at home, the materials you choose to build your boat dock have a direct impact on the overall price. Docks with wood decking tend to be a less expensive option. They also float, which is an additional advantage when installing.

Did you know saving money in initial costs has its price down the road?

Wood docks may be less expensive, but cost more in maintenance compared to aluminum docks. Aluminum docks are also likely to last significantly longer because the material is more durable under typical conditions; this saves you money long-term!

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Design: what layout do you need for your boat dock?
Options for your boat dock design are essentially endless, but you have a few big choices when it comes to function and price point. Dock owners with purely functional intentions and without large watercrafts might opt for straight layout docks to save money while meeting all their needs. Whereas if you have a larger boat and would prefer boat slips, you'll want a dock with a few turns.

Some boating enthusiasts or property owners may find having an "L" shape or extra section parallel at the end appealing and will need to consider those costs in their design. And people who want to enjoy as much time as possible on their dock may consider adding a platform to their aluminum dock to make it convenient for gatherings.

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About Alumi-Span Docks: At Alumi-Span, we can help you get the features you need for aluminum boat docks at a price that works for you. We've been delivering quality services and products for over 60 years; so give us a call today to take the first steps toward the boat dock of your dreams.

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