Adyton Announces Mobile Performance Assurance + Intelligence Augmentation Tech

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. - Michimich -- Adyton, LLC is excited to announce Pythia, the world's first mobile intelligence augmentation + mobile performance assurance + continuous improvement system designed for people who work with their hands and the companies employing them. Pythia verbally delivers step-by-step work instructions, on demand, hands-free, globally, via regular iOS and Android devices and digital networks, then reports the time users spend on each process step along with their continuous improvement feedback.

Verbally delivering step-by-step work instructions via Pythia will revolutionize how millions of nurses, hospitality workers, chemists, microbiologists, assemblers, and many others around the world will perform and learn standard operating procedures hands-free. By simply following step-by-step instructions, Pythia assures workers perform every step of every process including those with too many steps to memorize, performed too infrequently to memorize, with steps too critical to leave to memory, and those that change too often to memorize.

Pythia's patented technologies leverage speech-to-text, text-to-speech, Bluetooth, cloud computing, and digital networks to deliver instructions with less than 1 second delay when using 5G devices on 5G networks. The data Pythia collects reveals performance improvement opportunities at a glance across organizations and down to individual users and process step granularity. With Pythia, creating a global SOP is as simple as entering text into database text fields. Changing a verbally delivered process is as fast and simple as editing database text fields. Pythia operates completely outside client information systems, on-the-fly; no process, process step, or performance data is ever saved outside the cloud.

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Adyton's CEO and Founder, Bill Crose likes to say, "Nobody buys training because they need training; they need PERFORMANCE!" Pythia is all about improving mobile worker performance and safety in a rapidly changing world.

Adyton is a performance technology innovator and distributorship committed to creating competitive advantages across its network of Business Partners and Clients. Contact us to find a Business Partner that specializes in your industry or for information on how to become an Adyton Business Partner.


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