Anton R. Williams, Head of Global Missions Org, Expands Global Humanitarian and Mission Operations

KALAMAZOO, Mich. - Michimich -- Anton R. Williams, a Kalamazoo MI and Grand Rapids MI business owner who is also the President of the Global Missions Network Foundation has recently led the non-profit organization through a series of new and extended partnerships and alliances to benefit people across the world. As news of the reorganization is spreading, people across the world are getting access to resources which are able to assist their health care, educational, psychological, food, housing and other needs. The Global Missions Network Foundation itself is a global organization with thousands of mission internal and partner mission personnel located in 200 countries around the world from over 100 denominations. It has been influential in food servicing, homeless shelter assistance, prison ministry, health care and educational equipping in addition to mission outreach and discipleship across the world.

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The new partnerships include many organizations which are headquartered in other continents and thus the entities are able to work together to meet the needs of people within their local context. Through prepaid services, people are able to get assistance and connections to met needs at no cost to them. The Global Missions Network Foundation itself is funded by its founder, Anton R. Williams of Kalamazoo MI who is a ninth generation business owner. Anton's initial forebear to the U.S. is a Welsh business owner named David Williams who migrated to Natchez Mississippi and Baton Rouge, Louisiana areas in the 1760s before his death in 1792. David Williams acquired over 11,000 acres of real estate, timberland, corn and cotton fields which have been expanded and passed through the generations. Uniquely, one of Anton's forebears is Archie P. Williams a mixed race free person of color in the time of slavery who greatly expanded the Williams holdings he inherited and had passed down the generations. The holdings form the basis of Anton R. Williams' contributions to the mission's foundation and its operations.

For information on who the resources of Global Missions Network Foundation can be of assistance please visit or call 616-400-6400

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