CIMdata Announces Support for the PLM Green Global Alliance

CIMdata's Sustainability & Green Energy Practice Director, Mark Reisig, will moderate the Alliance's coverage of PLM & Green Energy and co-moderate the Alliance's PLM & Sustainability theme.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Michimich -- CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic management consulting and research firm, announces its support for the PLM Green Global Alliance (PGGA), an international community of professionals who work with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) enabling technologies and who are collaborating, educating, and advocating for a more sustainable decarbonized circular economy.

In support of the PGGA, Mark Reisig, CIMdata's Sustainability & Green Energy Practice Director, will lead the coverage of PLM & Green Energy. The goal of the PLM & Green Energy theme within the PGGA is to investigate, educate, collaborate, and advocate for using Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) strategies, technologies, and software solutions to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon green energy economy.

Mark will also participate, with PGGA co-founder Jos Voskuil, in moderating the PLM & Sustainability theme, which promotes activities that positively contribute to the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, where PLM-enabling technologies and strategies will lead to a more sustainable future.

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Sharing his plans, Mark commented, "The primary objective for the PLM and Green Energy theme is to share and promote research, examples, and best practices in a collaborative manner that advances awareness and discussion about the value of PLM in innovating, generating, deploying, scaling, distributing, storing, consuming, and recycling green energy sources. These sources include but are not limited to wind, solar, hydrogen, thermal, tidal, and nuclear." He continued, "We will take forward our objective by creating an agenda that includes discussion panels, articles and blog posts, SME interviews, conference presentations, webinar participation, and cooperative events with other organizations."
The mission of the PGGA is to develop a global network to foster a coalition between professionals who use, develop, research, market, consult, teach, or support PLM business strategies, technologies, and software solutions that have value in sustainability by addressing the causes and consequences of climate change due to human-generated greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Peter Bilello, President and CEO of CIMdata, stated the following regarding CIMdata's support for the PGGA, "We are pleased to join forces with the PGGA to address the critical intersection of product lifecycle management and environmental sustainability, and how PLM processes and solutions are critical to an organization's sustainability future. As organizations worldwide recognize the importance of sustainable practices, this collaboration and support will enable us to drive innovative and practical solutions and positive change in how products are developed, manufactured, and maintained throughout their lifecycle."

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CIMdata and the PGGA share a common vision of leveraging PLM solutions to create more sustainable and eco-friendly products and services. Combining CIMdata's expertise in PLM consulting with the alliance's focus on green practices, the partnership aims to empower organizations to make informed decisions that align with environmental goals.

This endeavor reinforces CIMdata's commitment to supporting organizations in maximizing the value of PLM while promoting sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. As the world faces increasing climate change and resource conservation challenges, CIMdata and the PGGA stand ready to guide the PLM community toward a greener and more sustainable future.

For more information about CIMdata and the PGGA, please visit the CIMdata website at and the PGGA website at

Please contact Mark at to learn more.


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