Clear Cut Hero And X3 Performance & Physical Therapy Announce Partnership

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Clear Cut Hero is the exclusive hydration provider for X3's 2024 NFL Combine and pre-NFL Draft training programs

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Michimich -- Clear Cut Hero, the first-of-its-kind hydration drink, announced a partnership with X3 Performance & Physical Therapy as the exclusive hydration provider for their 2024 NFL Combine and pre-NFL Draft training programs in Fort Myers, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee.

X3 Performance & Physical Therapy has played a role in the careers of more than 100 NFL veterans and has a robust 2024 class of athletes entering this year's NFL Combine. Clear Cut Hero will keep these elite players hydrated on their way to the biggest stage in professional sports. The partnership will spotlight and celebrate their journeys on social media before, during, and after this year's NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

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Clear Cut Hero is the perfect source of hydration for X3 athletes enduring the rigors of training for the NFL Combine. It's packed with electrolytes and contains just the right amount of carbs, sodium, and potassium. It comes in 6 flavors with only 5 grams of cane sugar, a mere 25 calories, and doesn't contain high fructose corn sugar, aspartame, sucralose, or red dyes.

Jordan Luallen, Director of Performance Operations and a founding member of the X3 team, commented that "hydration is an essential component of optimizing performance for these elite athletes. We were drawn not only to what was in Clear Cut Hero but what was not. To peak at the right time in this process, these athletes must remain focused not only on their physical training but also on what they put in their bodies. Clear Cut Hero provides everything these athletes need and nothing they don't with a taste they love."

Joey Nickell, CEO of Clear Cut Brands–the parent company of Clear Cut Hero –also shared his enthusiasm for the new venture, stating, "The X3 team is a perfect fit to tell the Hero story. We are beyond excited to support these young heroes and are inspired by their determination to reach their dreams. Jordan and his team represent a new generation of athletic performance coaches who recognize the essential role hydration plays in the training process. We look forward to contributing to the phenomenal success of both their professional and everyday athletes."

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About Clear Cut Hero

Clear Cut Hero ( is a new hydration drink and an advocate for hometown heroes across the nation. The brand believes that every athlete has the potential to become a hero. Clear Cut Hero fuels athletes to not only excel in their respective sports but also inspire their communities. Clear Cut Hero celebrates the remarkable journey of the local athletes everywhere. Clear Cut Hero is manufactured by Clear Cut Brands in Louisville, Kentucky.

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