Coterie Advisory Group, Inc. Launches Fundamental Care® Value Plan - A Voluntary Health Solution for Hourly Workers

Fundamental Care® Value Plan Coterie Advisory Group, Inc.
PHOENIX - Michimich -- Coterie Advisory Group, Inc., a trailblazer in affordable healthcare solutions, today unveiled the Fundamental Care® Value Plan, their latest offering in the employer healthcare marketplace. Building on the success of the flagship Fundamental Care® Limited Day plan, the new product is tailored to provide enhanced health benefits for hourly and part-time employees without the steep costs of traditional health insurance.

In the current economic climate, where premium affordability remains unreachable for many employers, the Fundamental Care® Value Plan emerges as a voluntary, self-funded limited medical plan. It's specifically crafted to meet the nuanced needs of the growing hourly and part-time workforce, often overlooked by conventional coverage models.

"As healthcare premiums continue to surge, employers are grappling with offering meaningful benefits that won't break the bank," said Aaron Cook, President of Coterie. "With the Fundamental Care® Value Plan, we've created a plan that's more substantial than typical indemnity plans and includes Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC), all while keeping it voluntary and cost-effective."

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The plan comes at a time when employers are in dire need of flexible, scalable health benefit options. It provides an alternative to traditional insurance plans by focusing on affordability and the demands of a diverse workforce.

"The Fundamental Care® Value Plan is designed to address the realities of today's employers and their employees," Cook explained. "It offers an essential bridge between cost and care, ensuring health plan benefits are accessible at a price point that works for everyone. And most importantly, as a voluntary plan, it empowers employees with choice and employers with flexibility."

Coterie has strategically positioned the Fundamental Care® Value Plan as a solution for businesses that struggle with offering healthcare benefits due to soaring premiums and deductibles. It maintains a competitive edge by eliminating the burden of high upfront costs and aligning with the financial realities of both employers and their hourly staff.

The plan's structure facilitates simplified administration and enrollment, further reducing overhead and the burden of costs for employers and streamlining the benefits experience. Coterie is actively seeking partnerships with Brokers, Benefit Advisors, and General Agents to expand the reach of this innovative health coverage option.

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For more information on the Fundamental Care® Value Plan and how it is changing the landscape of voluntary health benefits, visit .

About Coterie Advisory Group, Inc.

Fundamental Care® products are managed by Coterie Advisory Group, Inc., an Arizona-based insurance program manager and national marketing agency. Coterie specializes in developing affordable, innovative healthcare plans catered to the evolving needs of employers, employees, and families. They are committed to innovating solutions that balance cost with care, ensuring that health benefits are both accessible and effective.

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Source: Coterie Advisory Group, Inc.

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