Creating a Sales-Focused Organization for Your Business

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Michimich -- What goes into creating a Sales-Focused Organization?

Critical elements that must come together include leadership, strategic direction, clear targets (markets, differentiators, goals) and all the sales elements we've covered in our last 3 articles. For some organizations, evaluating the current team through a Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis (SEIA) can be a game changer. For companies that have many salespeople, have had a sales manager in place for a while, this analysis can rapidly offer insight on gaps that once closed create for a great return on investment.

What is the view or mindset of your organization toward its sales team? The sales team should be viewed as a high performance team, no different than a professional sports team. The entire organization (employees / leadership) must get behind the sales team and be supportive, helpful, and passionate about winning, succeeding, and driving results. Something as simple as setting the mindset of 'everyone sells' can be a shift in the culture and attitudes embraced by the organization.

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Has organizational leadership made clear its go-to-market strategy, along with high value targets? Is the sales manager and sales team equipped and armed with the needed information to carry to prospective customers? Too often sales teams are expected to function just like an owner or leader would, often relying on passion and inside knowledge the sales team doesn't have access to. Is your sales team set up for success or failure? What information does the owner or leadership have that once shared becomes a game-changer?

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About Open Book Selling: We work with sales leaders, managers, teams, individual salespeople, and their organizations.  With both our standard offerings and our customized coaching and consulting engagements, we focus on the gap areas to drive better sales results. We often work at all levels of the organization to help build a Sales Focused Organization - leadership, strategic direction, systems, management, departments, and individual contributors. We also assist in the recruiting and evaluation of "Qualified, New Business" Sales representatives.

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