Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel T. Geherin Discusses "Probable Cause Conference" in Michigan

What is "Probable Cause Conference?" Daniel T. Geherin advises clients in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Michimich -- Attorney, Daniel T. Geherin advises clients on Probable Cause Conference in Michigan. When a person is charged with a felony offense in Washtenaw County or throughout Michigan, he or she often receives a court notice for a "Probable Cause Conference."

In 2014, the Michigan Legislature passed laws inserting a new step—the PCC--into the felony process.  Before a defendant went directly from Arraignment to Preliminary Examination, which is a hearing at which the prosecuting attorney must prove "probable cause" (i.e., some evidence) of the defendant's guilt.  If the prosecutor is unable to produce this evidence, the Judge/Magistrate can dismiss the case. What the Michigan Legislature realized (due to intense lobbying by prosecutors and police) was that many cases were being dismissed because prosecutors often didn't have enough time to get civilian witnesses to court. This was especially glaring because defendants had a statutory right to have their Examinations within 14 calendar days of their Arraignment.

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As a result, Michigan added the intermediate PCC step. This is a "control date," set before a Preliminary Examination (also called a Preliminary Hearing) is conducted. PCC has been used to slow down the felony process, which gives both the prosecutor and defense attorney adequate time to prepare the case.

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Based in Ann Arbor, our firm handles civil, criminal and juvenile delinquency cases in all courts/counties throughout Southeastern Michigan. We handle OIE/Student Discipline hearings at Eastern Michigan University and University of Michigan. We also handle driver license restoration cases at Secretary of State locations throughout Michigan.

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