Criminal Defense Attorney in Ann Arbor Defends Resisting and Obstructing Arrests

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Michimich -- When a police encounter turns into an arrest, even the slightest resistance from the civilian can result in an additional serious charge commonly referred to "Resist/Obstruct," or "R/O."

Dan Geherin, owner of the Geherin Law Group PLLC. is an ex-prosecutor and board-certified criminal defense attorney in Ann Arbor who exclusively handles cases with a criminal justice element.  As part of this practice, GLG represents hundreds of clients charged with R/O offenses each year.  His firm also handles civil rights cases in which police brutality is apparent.

Over the years, Dan has fielded questions like this:

"Is R/O a felony, or misdemeanor offense?"

"Will I go to jail or prison for R/O?"

"Can I resist an unlawful arrest?"

"How can I prove my innocence (or show that police acted improperly) if it's my word vs. theirs?"

Learn more about resisting and obstructing an arrest in Michigan here.

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Geherin Law Group:

If you have questions about your rights, please contact the Geherin Law Group.  Daniel Geherin, owner of the firm, has defended thousands of criminal cases in Ann Arbor and throughout Southeastern Michigan. Daniel is a former prosecutor and board-certified criminal trial attorney who has been practicing law for 22 years. Dan—a former prosecutor and board-certified criminal trial attorney (—is also the founder of and author of The Michigan Drunk Driving and Driver's License Restoration Handbook. He has dedicated his career to both defending drunk driving allegations and helping put clients back on the road following a license revocation or suspension, and he's recognized as both a criminal and license appeals expert in Ann Arbor and throughout Michigan.

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Dan Geherin

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