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TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. - Michimich -- DC Norris North America now offers food producers an expanded equipment portfolio including food processing equipment from BCH Ltd. and Marel. The portfolio expansion is part of the company's mission to provide world-renowned processing solutions, expertise, and equipment to the North American market. DC Norris North America will continue to expand its equipment portfolio as additional machinery brands prove their positive impact and value in food production.

Widely known for installing innovative, turnkey industrial food processing systems for some of the most recognized food brands around the globe, DC Norris is committed to offering food manufacturers the equipment and expertise they need to build and operate highly efficient food processing operations.

That commitment drives them to develop and manufacture their own equipment portfolio and to continuously trial and incorporate other world-renowned equipment providers, too.

The incorporation of BCH into their existing portfolio will enable them to bring prepared food producers more of the best solutions and equipment the industry has to offer.  The DC Norris North America team has the expertise and breadth of knowledge to advise on the right equipment for the customer's individual product and process.

DC Norris North America's new line of BCH equipment includes Atmospheric, Pressure, and Vacuum Cooking Systems, as well as a range of process cooling systems. The BCH Vacuum Cooling solution is the fastest, safest, and most energy-efficient method of cooling on the market. Several other BCH solutions are now represented under the DC Norris North America umbrella such as Bratt Pans, the Orbiter range of electrically and steam-heated tilting kettles, CIP Systems, and the Optima all-in-one processing solution.

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They will also offer confectionery equipment such as batch and continuous vacuum cookers and forming systems.

Stuart Grogan, Operation Director at BCH commented, "The entire team here at BCH are thrilled to be joining the DC Norris North America portfolio of internationally recognized brands. We look forward to supporting both the team and their North American customer base with our extensive process knowledge and range of solutions across the food and confectionery markets."

This new line of BCH's industrial food processing equipment complements the Company's existing portfolio of food processing systems that include industrial Sous Vide, Cook Chill (https://www.dcnorrisna.com/systems/cook-chill/) , and the DCN Jet Cook™ (https://www.dcnorrisna.com/dcn-jet-cook/).

DC Norris North America also proudly represents Marel (https://www.dcnorrisna.com/lifting-discharging/) and its line of loading, lifting, and discharging equipment. Based on a broad range of standard loaders, the Marel portfolio made available through DC Norris North America offers industrial Euro-style buggy lifting equipment and loading solutions for the food processing industry.

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All Marel equipment is CE-marked and manufactured with a focus on flexibility, high quality, and hygienic design.  Designed completely in stainless steel, the Marel line of lifts and loaders comply with every food safety regulation in the industry.

Dick Smith, President of DC Norris North America noted, "We're committed to seeking new ways to make our clients' businesses and manufacturing processes more efficient.  By expanding our portfolio, we can offer a greater breadth of expertise while also innovating to support an evolving customer base."

DC Norris North America's expanded equipment portfolio can be found on their newly designed website www.dcnorrisna.com. Through the website, information about the full range of food processing machinery is available, including instant downloads of brochures and specification sheets. Inquiries can be made through the contact form on the website (https://www.dcnorrisna.com/contact/) or by calling (231) 935-1519.

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