Founder Helps Individuals Master #1 Misery with Help of Orphaned Cat

LAKESIDE, Mich. - Michimich -- Founder of Catherine's Divine Riches Project: Life Empowerment Fast Tracks for Life Change™, Catherine Lenard, with co-teacher Daisy the Cat, helps individuals empower themselves to move beyond stress and fears while discovering how to create positive life change.

Our Mental Health Crises
With an increasing global spotlight on mental health and its affects on an individual's personal and work life, this powerful Life Empowerment Fast Tracks for Life ChangeFrom Fear to Freedom™ Accelerated Self-Discovery Process, which includes seminars, workshops, and retreats, takes a refreshing non-intimidating, non-clinical approach to a serious world issue.

Stress-related counterproductive fear and its effects on physical and mental health is a root cause of human misery.  Whether experienced in one's personal or work life, fear can destroy clear thinking, creativity, productivity, physical and mental health, and overall life enjoyment and effectiveness.

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About That Work Place
In the work arena, the best leaders know that stress and fear-riddled employees cripple a company, an all-too common phenomenon as people worry about keeping their jobs, paying their bills, higher workloads, staying safe, and managing their lives.

Human Workplace expert and Forbes contributor Liz Ryan reported to Bloomberg Business Week on,  . . . "Fear-trampled employees don't do a thing for your business." The same principles apply to students, our future workforce.

In a New York Times article by Tony Schwarz, psychiatrist Sandra L. Bloom states, "A continuum exists between mental health and mental illness related to the degree of stress a person is forced to endure."

How We Help
Catherine's Divine Riches Project: Life Empowerment Fast Tracks for Life Change™ and the From Fear to Freedom™ Accelerated Self-Discovery Breakthrough Process incorporates proven psychological and universal spiritual principles together with the author's first-hand experiences in overcoming trauma and adversity – with a touch of humor courtesy of Daisy the Cat.

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Daisy was rescued by the author as a weeks-old feral orphan. She's incorporated into the materials for levity, making simple formulas for moving beyond stress and fears while discovering how to create positive life change easy for participants to understand and apply.

Catherine's newly released Catherine's SOS Need it Now! Emotional Feel Better Toolkit is available for immediate help for stress and emotional crises relief. She also provides Practical Wisdom™ Consultation and Life Coaching.

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In addition to personal development, Catherine's background also includes serving Fortune 500 through individual clientele as a writing and creative services professional.

Catherine's Divine Riches Project

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