Free masks for cultural change

Michigan, USA company giving away masks to help make mask-wearing more socially acceptable

SAGINAW, Mich. - Michimich -- The Noname Nerd, an ecommerce company specializing in apparel for gamers and streamers, is giving away 1,000 cotton face masks in response to the CDC recommendations that all people in the United States wear masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  The masks, which are available online using code FREEMASK, are part of the company's broader efforts to fight COVID-19 both in the United States and globally.  Owner, Brian Thomas, explains that despite the CDC guidelines, many people are still refraining from wearing masks for cultural reasons.  "Even though it helps prevent the spread of coronavirus, many people are still not wearing masks to the grocery store because it feels weird," he states. The masks that the company is giving away are 100% cotton and decorated with fun and amusing designs to make the masks less intimidating.

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The Noname Nerd has already given out many masks to online streamers in the hope that they will help promote the use of masks.  Since many people are spending more time online as result of stay at home orders, Thomas hopes that streamers on YouTube and Twitch will help get the word out about the importance of wearing masks.  "By seeing people online wearing masks, they will hopefully feel more comfortable wearing them in public," Thomas states. "We need to make wearing masks cool."

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Brian Thomas, owner of the Noname Nerd

Source: Noname Nerd
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