Funders Supports Business Owners with Successful Employee Retention Credit Filing

Maximize Financial Benefits and Preserve Your Workforce with Funders: Expert Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Filing Assistance for Business Owners. Unlock valuable incentives, retain your valuable workforce, and navigate the complexities of ERC with confidence.

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif. - Michimich -- ORANGE COUNTY, CA – 5/18/23 – Funders, a trusted financial services company, is proud to announce its successful filing of the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) on behalf of business owners. Led by founder Martin Williams, who has a notable background as founder and CEO of Millennia Mortgage, a national lending institution having funded in excess of $10 billion in loans, Funders brings extensive expertise to help businesses maximize their financial benefits.

Since Millennia, Martin Williams has diversified his finance businesses, ranging from tax settlement to property investing to various fintech solutions. Understanding the importance of supporting business owners in navigating complex financial processes, Funders is now dedicated to helping them leverage the Employee Retention Credit, a valuable incentive for businesses facing economic challenges.

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The Employee Retention Credit is a federal tax credit designed to provide financial relief to eligible businesses that have experienced significant disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic or other qualifying factors. This credit allows businesses to offset a portion of wages paid to employees, enabling them to retain their valuable workforce during challenging times.

With their deep understanding of financial regulations and industry experience, Funders is well-positioned to guide business owners through the process of filing for the Employee Retention Credit. Through their expertise and proven strategies, Funders has successfully assisted numerous businesses in accessing this credit and unlocking substantial financial benefits.

"As a former business owner, I empathize with the challenges entrepreneurs face, particularly during uncertain times," said Martin Williams, Founder of Funders. "By leveraging the Employee Retention Credit, businesses can gain a significant advantage in preserving their workforce and navigating the financial landscape more effectively. I am proud that Funders can offer our expertise and support to fellow business owners seeking to maximize their financial benefits."

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Funders remains committed to providing exceptional financial services and personalized assistance to businesses in need. Whether businesses require guidance on tax settlements or seek lucrative opportunities in property investing, Funders, and their team have been dedicated to delivering outstanding results and helping businesses thrive.

For more information about Funders and their services, please visit or contact 800-FUNDERS or

About Funders: Funders is a trusted financial services company focused on supporting businesses in achieving their financial goals. Led by founder Martin Williams, Funders offers a comprehensive range of services, including assistance with tax settlements, property investing, and guidance on accessing financial incentives such as the Employee Retention Credit.

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