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ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Michimich -- If you've been convicted of a crime that comes with jail time in Michigan, the judge has several options. They can order that you serve the complete jail sentence, that you serve a jail sentence in combination with probation, that your entire sentence be addressed by probation, or – less frequently – pay a fine and face no jail time or probation at all. Obtaining favorable sentencing can make a significant difference in your future, and for that, the legal representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney ( in Michigan can help immensely.

There are several basic forms of probation in Michigan.
  • Nonreporting or Unsupervised Probation
  • Supervised Probation
  • Intermediate Supervision
  • Intensive Supervision
  • Specialized Supervision
  • Early Discharge

Learn more here regarding probation and jail time in Michigan.

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For the past 25+ years, Dan has litigated and won numerous of DUI cases throughout Washtenaw County by challenging and suppressing evidence, arguing legal precedent, and convincing juries and judges of clients' innocence or overcharging in drunk driving cases. He posts his successful results (anonymously, of course) on his website.,

Dan—a former prosecutor and board-certified criminal trial attorney (—is also the founder of and author of The Michigan Drunk Driving and Driver's License Restoration Handbook. He has dedicated his career to both defending drunk driving allegations and helping put clients back on the road following a license revocation or suspension, and he's recognized as both a criminal and license appeals expert in Ann Arbor and throughout Michigan.

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