GTA is now here in the streets of Detroit

Flyboi Rich dropped new Video GTA the single off of the album, Black Movie Cinema!

DETROIT - Michimich -- Detroit artist, Flyboi Rich has been working really hard and making some major moves over the last few years. This past year he is on the map and following the correct roads to success. When it comes to streams and plays on his music, he is doing something right, Anxiety came in with 3 million streams on Spotify last year, Just one song of Flyboi's came in with 3 million streams. Like what artist does that? A great one.
A new year, a new beginning for Flyboi in Detroit. He stepped up his game in the industry and is a full time artist now. He works with his music 24/7 writing, recording, shooting videos and making a few other moves silently.
Flyboi has a studio that he owns that he is recording his music in. His partner and him have opened that studio up to other artists and I can say that studio is laid out! Green room for video shoots and all. Can you imagine going to a one stop shop here in Detroit to get a song done completely? I can't, not until now. Flyboi not only has that studio in place, he has his own record label in place and his publishing company. Artists that looking to build and be successful at it can always reach out to Flyboi. He offers other artists the help they might need to get to the next level by teaching them the industry, the business side which a lot of artists have no clue about.

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Flyboi is an artist with a brand, a couple of them actually. Trenches was a major hit over the holidays. He designed a logo, placed it on clothing and sold out. Now that is a a marketing skill that some artists don't have.
Flyboi is very educated in the industry and can work it. The numbers are there, the views are there, he is properly registered and working with legends in the industry. You must go check him out on all major platforms...



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