How Sales Coaching Can Create a Sales-Focused Organization

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Michimich -- What is the view or mindset of your organization toward its sales team? The sales team should be viewed as a high-performance team, no different than a professional sports team. The entire organization (employees / leadership) must get behind the sales team and be supportive, helpful, and passionate about winning, succeeding, and driving results.

Too often sales teams are expected to function just like an owner or leader would, often relying on passion and inside knowledge the sales team doesn't have access to. Is your sales team set up for success or failure? What information does the owner or leadership have that once shared becomes a game-changer?

Creating a Sales-Focused organization that is resilient, focused on new and repeat business, and successful in achieving its revenue and profit goals is not transactional. It requires a commitment and the investment of time, energy, and effort with a clear vision of what success looks like. Why not take stock now and find a few areas that will make a difference?

If your answer is NO to two or more of the following statements, then you would likely benefit from a shift in sales related focus in your organization:

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1. All employees have a positive view of sales and selling in our organization
2. The sales leader meets regularly with the business owner /leadership to ensure alignment of sales and organizational strategy
3. Strategic prospecting targets are defined and included in each salesperson's territory plan

Every sales-focused organization has room for improvement! If you aren't implementing all the statements above, or only a few, you may need to adjust your thinking or priorities around your sales efforts and function… it may be time to get help.

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About Open Book Selling: Our team has years of combined experience coaching, advising, consulting, and training sales teams. Successful business owners themselves, our team has the experience needed to help your business grow and thrive.

When and where it makes sense, we provide sales leaders who will evaluate your entire sales organization. This includes your people, systems, and strategies. Our sales leaders will manage and coach your sales organization to drive better results while working to fully develop a sales focused organization. We also provide sales coaching, training, management, and leadership to mid-sized businesses with outside sales teams.

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