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NORTHVILLE, Mich. - Michimich -- Let's face it, talking about your septic system isn't the most glamorous topic, but it's an important one!  You must be mindful of what you send down your drains. Harsh chemicals and unfriendly materials can wreak havoc on your septic's good bacteria, leading to clogs, backups, and an expensive repair bill.

How can you avoid a plumbing disaster? Here's the lowdown on keeping your septic system happy:

1.     Labels Are Your Friend: Look for products that say "septic-safe" right on the label.

2.     Follow a Strict "Do Not Flush" List: Never flush things that don't break down easily, like coffee grounds and eggshells. Your septic system isn't for composting!

3.     Biodegradable is the Name of the Game: Biodegradable products are your septic system's best friend breaking down quickly and safely.

4.     Natural Cleaning Power: Consider natural alternatives like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice.

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About LaChance Brothers Excavating: LaChance is a family-owned company established in 1956 by Donald LaChance. LaChance focuses on single-family residential work in Washtenaw County and Livingston County. They have extensive experience in septic tank installations and drain field solutions, as well as most forms of residential excavating. LaChance Brothers offer unsurpassed care with each service provided.

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