Make Every Day an Event Shares the Best Olympic Party Ideas for the Summer Games

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ST. LOUIS - Michimich -- Let the games begin! The Summer Olympics in Paris will begin on July 26, 2024. In honor of this once-every-four-years celebration, lifestyle blog Make Every Day an Event is sharing the best Olympics-themed party ideas that are both adorable and easy. They're sure to turn every host into a gold-medal winner!

These creative ideas will help everyone pull together a great Olympic themed party for the summer Olympics, complete with their very own Olympic torch. And the winning touch … ? A terrific and tasty fruit charcuterie board, featuring the Olympic rings! It's an eye-catching crowd pleaser that's easy to create, following just a few simple steps!

Make Every Day an Event walks readers through crafting a simple and elegant torch centerpiece, using gold spray paint and a pilsner glass! The shape of the pilsner is truly reminiscent of the Olympic torch. Adding fresh gold, orange and yellow flowers at the market is an easy way to mimic the flames of the torch.

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The iconic Olympic rings are one of the most recognizable symbols of the Olympic games. So in the spirit of the games for Olympic-themed party, a terrific and tasty fruit Charcuterie board, featuring the Olympic rings is the perfect choice!

This is a simple food with plenty of fresh fruit and other yummies. It's a great idea and also eye-catching, which makes it ideal for an Olympic party. Using various fruits and snacks to mimic the design of the Olympic rings, you can create a crowd pleaser, following a few simple steps. To fill in the background, stuck with foods that are white. This allows the colors of the Olympic rings to really pop. Great choices are yogurt covered pretzels, yogurt covered raisins, popcorn, marshmallows, and, of course, nuts!

Not only do the ramekins make it easy to form the rings, they allow hosts to add a few dips onto the board! There are so many options such as whipped cream, as well as a variety of yummy fruit dips. Adorable flag picks are the perfect accompaniment for the board to complete the Olympic theme!

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A great Olympics party idea is to use napkins featuring flags of the world. They are perfect to place down the center of a tabletop. It makes decorating literally as easy as one, two, three! Arranging a variety of mini, country flags in a small cylinder vase is another great idea. It's such a small touch, but makes a big impression by adding a variety of bright colors to your table. Olympic torch cupcakes are an easy sweet snack. Adorable cupcake toppers can turn any dessert into an Olympics-worth fireworks display with just a little effort!
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