Muller Law Firm Discusses How to Address Debtor Complaints

Find a way to resolve a debtor's complaints so you can get paid!

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. - Michimich -- Is your customer withholding payment?

Do they have complaints over the contract or quality of your products?

By getting specific details relating to the debtor's complaints, you can address each of these issues to resolve the problem. Consider your debtor's dispute:
  • Is the problem at your end? Is it something you or somebody in your company did wrong, or something your company is responsible for? Fix it.
  • Is the problem at your customer's end? Consider:
  • Does the customer understand their role in the problem? If a customer is reasonable, you may be able to get them to realize that the problem is something they must fix or pay for. However, even with your explanation, they may still be angry or insist that you should be responsible for that cost.
  • If the problem is minor and can be remedied for a modest cost, will accommodating the customer get you paid? Will you be setting a bad precedent that may cause you to absorb similar costs when dealing with this customer in the future?
  • If the problem is more serious or costly, what do you have to do to solve the problem? Can you meet the customer halfway? Can you collect the bill while maintaining the customer relationship, and is that an important consideration?
  • Is the problem legitimately at both ends? Did a miscommunication or other error somewhere along the line cause your customer to believe, for example, that their entire order (not just one of many items) would be discounted?

For each objection raised, go through a similar evaluation and decide the best approach to resolution. A complex dispute may involve different people and departments within your company. If that happens, assign parts of the problem to the appropriate people or departments and have them report back, in writing, within a specified time.

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