Muller Law Firm Discusses When to Consider Legal Action

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. - Michimich -- Are your debtors refusing to pay? Have you had enough?

Before you threaten litigation, make sure you've laid a solid foundation. Although you can sue over any debt that's owed to you, good collection practices improve your chances of winning and collecting the entire amount of your claim. Here's a brief recap of the process:

Formally Demand Payment – When the account becomes delinquent, issue a demand letter within the first 30 days. Follow up with the debtor, both in writing and verbally, reminding them to pay.

Work to Resolve Disputes – While following up on unpaid debt, identify any disputes from the debtor. Although not all disputes can be resolved, when appropriate, those disputes should be resolved or settled.

Enter a Written Repayment Plan – Allow the debtor to pay off the agreed balance in installments.

Keep Good Notes and Records of your Communication with the Debtor – These notes are helpful if you do go to court.

You're likely at the end of the process and the debtor is still choosing not to pay. Now is the time to review the amount owed and what you know about your debtor to decide whether the case is fit for litigation.

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Are you ready to pursue legal action?

Muller Law Firm can help with your case's litigation. It starts with serving the debtor, receiving a judgement, and enforcing it. Judgment enforcement can help get you paid by garnishing your debtor's wages, placing liens on their assets, levies on their bank accounts, and more.

Since 1961, their top-rated lawyers have been dedicated to professionally and aggressively pursuing the money you're owed in a straightforward, ethical manner. With offices in Birmingham and Grand Rapids, they'll handle claims against debtors located in Michigan, even if you're located out of state or out of the country.

To take advantage of their collection services in Michigan ( contact them today!

About Muller Firm: Located in Birmingham, Michigan, Muller Firm P.C. is a family practice handling debt collection in Michigan for in-state, out of state, and international judgments against debtors. Their debt collection experts fight for creditor's rights no matter how big or small the amount of debt. Call today for help with your collections!

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