Muller Law Firm Helps Clients Find Debtors Using Public Records

Muller, Muller, Richmond & Harms, P.C. can help you locate your debtor using government and public records.

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. - Michimich -- Having trouble locating your debtor?

Government and public directories can aid in your skip tracing endeavor. Many federal, state, county, and local records are now available online, usually for free and without requiring a password.

Public records may help you find:
  • UCC Filings: Reveal whether other creditors have filed claims against your collateral, granting them a security interest and notice to you that you may not touch.
  • Business and Profession Licenses: Reveal whether the business or its principals are properly licensed in their field or profession, and may also reveal disciplinary history.
  • Judgements: Reveal outcome of litigation between parties involving your debtor and the amounts due under any judgements. If you find out that your debtor has several unsatisfied judgements, you may end up standing in line behind these judgement creditors when you try to collect.  This knowledge may lead you to determine that litigation is not the optimum strategy.
  • Active or Inactive Corporate Status: Allows you to determine whether the company is active and therefore viable to collect against.
  • Annual Reports: Tell you the names, and sometimes the residential addresses, of the principals of the organization.
  • Real Property Holdings: Reveal what real estate is listed in the corporate debtor's name.
  • Personal Property Holdings: Reveal motor vehicles, heavy equipment, boats, and all other non-real-estate assets typically licensed with the state.

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