Muller Law Firm Helps Clients Respond to Stall Tactics

Muller, Muller, Richmond & Harms, P.C. can help you counter your debtor's stall tactics.

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. - Michimich -- Is your debtor stalling on their payments?

When people can't or won't pay what they owe, they trot out all sorts of excuses. Here are some of the most common stall tactics and what you can do to overcome them:
  • Stall Tactic 1: "I don't have enough money on hand to pay you in full."
Solution: Remind the debtor of possible untapped sources of funds: money can be borrowed from lines of credit, credit cards, advances, or even the old standby, friends and relatives.
  • Stall Tactic 2: "Even if I had the money, I wouldn't pay you because I don't owe you the whole amount."
Solution: Work toward dispute resolution.
  • Stall Tactic 3: "I have a problem with some of your invoicing; the numbers don't make sense to me."
Solution: Review each invoice or explain how your invoicing system works until you relieve the customer's concerns.
  • Stall Tactic 4: "I had a problem with some of your goods and services and my customers aren't happy; and because they aren't paying me, I'm not going to pay you."
Solution: Break down and resolve the specific concerns behind this statement.
  • Stall Tactic 5: "Your account is so messed up; I have no idea whether I owe you a penny."
Solution: This type of statement is a classic attempt by the debtor to make the account "fuzzy" and irresolvable. Keep discussing the specifics until the "messed up" account is fixed.

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When you hire one of Muller Law Firm's expert attorneys, you can be sure that they will work hard to get the results you expect, and do it in an ethical, timely manner. They will aggressively seek what's owed to you.

Contact their experienced collection firm to speak with a bill collector in Michigan ( today at (248) 645-2440 for an immediate resolution to your collection matters.

About Muller Firm: Located in Birmingham, Michigan, Muller Firm P.C. is a family practice handling debt collection in Michigan for in-state, out of state, and international judgments against debtors. Their debt collection experts fight for creditor's rights no matter how big or small the amount of debt. Call today for help with your collections!

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