Network Services Group Shares the Benefits of Using Custom-Built Websites vs. WordPress

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Michimich -- Is your website ready to handle potential cyber threats?

WordPress dominates the website world. Today, over 800 million websites use WordPress. Because it's so popular, if hackers discover a flaw in the WordPress core, 800 million websites are at risk. These sites will remain at risk until a patch is released, and the people in charge of that individual website install that patch.

This, and other factors are why custom-built sites are a superior. Learn the benefits of custom-built websites from their Webmaster, Autumn Mahoney, and Web Developer Dan Holland:

Tight Security
  • Their custom CMS is created by a small team, in constant communication with tight standards. Because their CMS is custom, they build solutions no one else uses which drastically decreases the threat of hackers.
  • Their websites and data are backed up in multiple locations. Whenever an Amazon outage makes news for taking out a large swatch of the web, their sites stay running.

Google Friendly
  • Custom sites rank higher on Google than WordPress sites. This creates better leads and more traction to your site.
  • Google constantly changes how it evaluates search engine criteria. Even a site well-built in the past, doesn't always remain in good standing as new standards are imposed.

Faster Service
  • Consistent monitoring of your site results in faster loading times and better compatibility with mobile devices and modern software.
  • Websites are most effective when treated as a living system needing ongoing care. Many people build a site, that sits untouched until it's broken, slow, and outdated by modern standards only a few years later.

Expert Tech Support
  • NSG is uniquely responsive to the needs of small and medium-sized clients. You'll find cheap commodity hosting, but you may become a commodity customer – dealing with automated systems, self-serve interfaces, and little help when issues arise.
  • With NSG, you gain a tech partner without hiring your own programming department. WordPress only takes you so far, and leaves little room for capability and flexibility. NSG is ready to help along the way as your business grows

Enjoy Custom IT Solutions Near Ann Arbor with Network Services Group

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NSG is eager to build custom solutions to help companies take advantage of web-based technology, while providing security, SEO, speed and convenience.

They'd love to talk with you about ways they can do the same for you! If you are seeking IT solutions near Ann Arbor, contact them to get started.

About Network Services Group: NSG has helped local businesses with computer and network services for over 20 years. Their goal is to establish long-term relationships with customers and assist them every step of the way in building their IT infrastructure. For more information, visit

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