New Research: Real Estate Agents Find Best Opportunities in Detroit, Face Biggest Challenges in San Francisco

ST. LOUIS, June 25, 2024 ~ According to a recent study conducted by Clever Real Estate, a St. Louis-based real estate company, Detroit has been named the best city for real estate agents in America. On the other hand, San Francisco has been ranked as the worst city for agents.

The study analyzed and ranked the 50 most populous cities in the United States based on various metrics such as affordability, salary, number of agents, annual home sales, home values, and commission rates. Detroit emerged on top with nearly five times more sales per agent than the median market. It also had the lowest competition from fellow agents and some of the highest commission rates in the country.

The top 10 cities for real estate agents are Detroit, MI; Buffalo, NY; Kansas City, MO; Tampa, FL; Richmond, VA; Columbus, OH; Jacksonville, FL; Atlanta, GA; Pittsburgh, PA; and Hartford, CT. Interestingly, seven out of these 10 cities are located in the Midwest region while four are in the Northeast and South regions each. Surprisingly, none of the top-ranked cities are located in the West region.

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On the other hand, San Francisco has been ranked as the worst city for real estate agents due to high competition among agents and low number of sales per agent. It also takes a significant amount of time for an agent to afford a home on their salary in this city. Notably, four out of the 10 worst-performing cities for agents are located in California.

The study also looked at median salaries for real estate agents across different cities. New York City topped this list with a median salary of $103,960 per year – making it the only city with a six-figure median income for agents. In contrast, Riverside, CA had the lowest median income at $33,510 annually.

When it comes to listing agent commission rates – Boston had the highest rate at 3.1%, followed by Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati in Ohio – each with a rate of 3.08%. However, San Jose had the highest dollar value per commission for listing agents, averaging at $43,930 per property sold. It also ranked as the highest-earning city for buyer's agents with an average of $39,358 per deal.

For buyer's agent commission rates, Louisville, KY had the highest rate at 3%, closely followed by Detroit at 2.96% - the top-ranked city overall.

The full report can be accessed on Clever Real Estate's website at The study provides valuable insights for real estate agents looking to thrive in their respective markets.
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