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ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Michimich -- In recent months, we've written about pipeline(s), CRMs, a common language for your sales team, and KPI's - Key Performance Indicators.

Does that cover everything your business needs to succeed? The answer is NO!

With KPI's we may be able to detect areas that are and are not performing. We may also be able to determine whether each area is 'systemic' or something related to an individual salesperson. Using your sales 'elements' – topics that we've covered in recent months – we need to interpret the information/data we have.

Three questions that will set the stage for un-complicating the complicated:

1.    Are the results you wish to attain being met (YES or NO)?
2.    If NO, what is the state of your pipeline (sales team and sales individuals)?
3.    If the pipeline is weak in any way, is it at the team level or individual salesperson level?

With these 3 questions answered, you will have important information that can direct your focus on interventions. This can be transformative!

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Let's say the answer to question 1 above is NO, and the answer to question 2 is the pipeline is strong – or at least it appears to be strong. We can now assess our sales efforts in a different way, with the following questions that will require a little more digging:
  • Is the pipeline strong for all salespeople (YES or NO)?
  • If YES, invite the sales team to meet and share their perspectives:

With an apparently strong pipeline, why are the results not there? Learn more here:

About Open Book Selling: As business and sales coaches in Southeast Michigan, we've helped many local businesses get their sales performance, process, and efforts on track. If you're not happy with your organization's sales results, coaching can be a great option. This may be the perfect time to examine or re-examine your sales efforts, the process, stages, pipeline(s), language, and KPI's you're using. So don't wait - proactively evaluating your entire sales function will lead to better results.

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