ProOne Water Filters Can Help Remove PFAS from Michigan's Water

COMMERCE, Mich. - Michimich -- Are you a Michigander?

Are you worried about per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in your water?

You've likely heard of PFAS and were told to avoid the foam that accumulates around the shore and in the dams of rivers, but how serious is Michigan's problem with PFAS?

The Detroit Free Press ( calls PFAS contamination "Michigan's biggest environmental crisis in 40 years." PFAS are a class of chemicals used in the manufacturing of some fabrics, cleaning products, cookware, and more. PFAS are so widespread in the environment that they can be found in the water, air, and even the blood of humans and animals. Here's a history of PFAS contamination and news in Michigan:

2009 – Wolverine Worldwide dumped PFAS contaminated wastewater into the Rogue River.

2016 – PFAS was found in Ann Arbor drinking water.

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2017 - Michigan created the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team.

2018 – It was discovered that a Wixom-based manufacturing plant had been discharging PFAS contaminated water, which eventually entered the Huron River. A "do not eat" fish advisory was implemented.

Since 2018, PFAS contamination has decreased in Michigan, but the PFAS that were introduced are likely still around considering PFAS are known as forever chemicals – it takes a very long time for them to be removed from the ecosystem.

How can you ensure your home's water is safe?

A water filter can help!

Looking for a PFAS water filter in Michigan (

Choose a ProOne filter! ProOne Water Filters is a water filter company located in Michigan that is dedicated to innovation, extensive testing, and monitoring emerging contaminants. ProOne gravity water filters, such as the Big+ Gravity Water Filter ( can reduce PFAS in water by up to 98.96%. For more details, view our lab reports (!

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About ProOne Water Filters: Located in Commerce Township, Michigan, ProOne Water Filters was created in 2010 by Steve Steinway with the goal of developing uniquely engineered water filters that remove the most contaminants possible. ProOne filters help remove over 200 contaminants, like sediment, lead, fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, and iron. ProOne Water Filters' products include gravity filters, water filter pitchers, countertop and under the counter filters, shower filters, and whole home filters. All filters are tested and certified to NSF standards.

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