Radix Remedies Releases NeuroRoot Focus Plus: A Cutting Edge Nootropic For Focus & Productivity

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AUSTIN, Texas - Michimich -- Radix Remedies is excited to announce the release of their market disrupting nootropic NeuroRoot: Focus Plus, an all natural supplement meant to provide an all natural energy boost, improve memory, clarity, focus and reduce mental fog. This unique mix is an expansion upon the original NeuroRoot formula.

Active ingredients include caffeine and vitamin B6 for an extra boost of all natural energy, Mucuna Pruriens extract which acts as a precursor to dopamine, citicoline to increase dopamine receptor densities, chlorophyll which contains a significant amount of vitamins and minerals, lion's mane mushroom to support peripheral neurogenesis and cannabidiol rich hemp extract to help all of the other ingredients to work more effectively as well as preventing any crash from the caffeine. All together, this formulation is a cognitive enhancer which can help boost brain performance.

"These are very exciting times for us with NeuroRoot. We believe we have a truly effective formulation that will help people focus and improve productivity throughout the day." says cofounder Chris Bonnet. "We're looking forward to providing a boost to many American's who are trying to be their very best selves. I believe the future is very bright in the nootropics space." says cofounder Joshua Barnett. Nootropics are a category of cognitive-enhancing supplements who's market value is expected to grow to $6B by 2024 according to Zion Research.

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NeuroRoot was first dreamt up by the founding partners and team of friends at Radix Remedies as one of many products offered by Radix. The team was excited about the potential of utilizing cannabis components to boost the effectiveness of nootropics. The success found with NeuroRoot led to the idea being expanded upon with the formulation of NeuroRoot: Focus Plus.

The primary goal is to provide consumers with a supremely effective brain boosting supplement that will give the people who take it the competitive edge everyone so desperately needs in modern America.

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