Screening-at-Speed for School Entrances

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Typical schools have between 500 and 5,000 students. So how do you screen 1,000+ students in 10 minutes every morning, and absolutely BLOCK the guy with the gun?

Answer: Screening-at-Speed with Barbecan's Speed-Sensitive Secure Entrance.

SEATTLE - Michimich -- Barbecan Security Systems announces their most recent patent – US Patent Number 11,326,387 for a safer revolving door system with security benefits and high throughput. The company now owns 10 patents covering this unique technology, and is offering these for license or sale to a SERIOUS manufacturer.

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Guards won't stop a determined gunman wearing riot gear. That's been proven the hard way.

By the time Police show up…it's too late.  And, arming teachers is a recipe for catastrophe.

Better gun laws won't stem the tide in our lifetime, not with over 400 million guns in America.

But, we can harden our soft targets.  Especially schools.

Schools are unique. Hundreds of students must enter in mere minutes. Yet, attackers must be detected and STOPPED!

The only solution is an entry system where people walk through quickly without stopping. An entry system with weapon screening technology. Screening-at-Speed.

See the Speed-Sensitive Secure Entrance at, and our patent portfolio (7 US and 3 UK patents) at

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Barbecan is looking for a proven manufacturer to bring the Speed-Sensitive Secure Entrance to market as that company's product - increasing their revenue and profit while saving lives. Barbecan is currently reaching out to Security Equipment Manufacturers, Military Government Contractors, Automatic Door Manufacturers, as well as Autonomous Vehicle manufacturers . In addition to traditional security applications, targeted market research has shown a viable market for the Speed-Sensitive Secure Entrance in the $30B commercial Automatic Door market.

Bob Osann, Director
Barbecan Security Systems, LLC

Source: Barbecan Security Systems, LLC

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