TEF announces new inductees to its Wall of Fame

The Trenton Educational Foundation is honored to announce the 2022 Wall of Fame recipients John F. Wukovits, retired Trenton teacher and author and The Trenton Rotary Club for their work over the past years in the Trenton Public School system.

TRENTON, Mich. - Michimich -- The Trenton Educational Foundation Wall of Fame volunteer committee has inducted thirty people over eleven years. The recipients represent many Trenton High School graduates who have excelled in their chosen field of work. Many of the recipients were past Board Members, Superintendents, Principals and Teachers who made great contributions in making Trenton one of the best school systems in the state and can be located in full at trentonedfoundation.org/wall-of-fame .

All levels of Trenton public education are helped by the TEF. The Foundation funds six integral areas of education — cultural enrichment, scholastic enrichment, arts and education, technology and learning, continuing education and professional development.

The Trenton Educational Foundation (TEF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation created for the purpose of enhancing the educational opportunities for teachers and students within the Trenton Public Schools system. The Foundation's mission is to help achieve and maintain an extra margin of excellence. The TEF is an independent entity, not affiliated with the Trenton Board of Education.

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John Wukovits enjoyed a 30 year career teaching middle school history and language arts in Trenton schools. As a teacher he emphasized that students should have dreams for the future and to believe that they possess unique personalities that make them special.  Wukovits is a writer for the teenage market as well as the mainstream adult market. He authored fourteen nonfiction books about World War II as well as fifty-one books for the junior high school market. Among those books titled; Ann Frank, Martin Luther King, Oscar Schindler, Jackie Robinson and the integration of baseball and the Manhattan Project, just to name a few. Recently, Mel Gibson has signed on to direct a film adaptation of his book, "Hell from the Heavens'." Mark Walburg will star in the film.

The Trenton Rotary Club is a group based in Trenton with approximately 70 members who are from different professions. They have done great projects to help local and international groups.  Over many years, Trenton Rotary Club was the first sponsor for the Signature Event and has been supporting the event every year. Rotarians have been reading to students in the elementary schools during literacy month and sharing books and dictionaries as well. The Trenton club has provided a AED's to all the schools. Rotarians provided coats to children in need in the district and helped to contribute and start up the anti-bullying program and challenge day in the schools. The group has donated over $300,000 in scholarships to students over the past 30 years. Rotarians have fostered an interest in community service through the Interact club with over 100 students per year participating. Annually the Rotarians put on a Family Fun Fair and have hosted foreign exchange students in the district for many years to create understanding of different cultures. Trenton Rotary Club was one of the first sponsors of Victory Day. The club works with Interact club to package food for the  local food pantry and international distribution through kids against hunger. In so many ways the Trenton Rotary Club has acted to enhance, protect and foster a mindset of community service into the public Trenton public school systems to enhance a great school system.

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The recipients will be recognized at the annual Signature Event- A Blast! For the Future. On Friday November 18 at Crystal Gardens. Tickets are available at https://trentonedfoundation.org.

Kathy Kane

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