The Anderson Periodontal Wellness Office Now Uses The SmartFix® Concept System!

For patients in need of dental implant procedures, the Anderson Periodontal Wellness office now has the revolutionary SmartFix® concept system. SmartFix® reduces the need for bone grafting and provides patients with an instant, functioning smile.

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. - Michimich -- The Anderson Periodontal Wellness office now offers the breakthrough SmartFix concept dental implant system at its Bloomfield Hills, MI, practice. The SmartFix concept is one of the latest dental implant procedures designed to return full dental function to patients who have lost all their teeth in one arch or both arches. Unlike other dental implant systems, the SmartFix concept requires a minimal level of bone strength. This makes it ideal for patients who are not immediate candidates for other types of dental implant solutions due to extensive bone loss.

The SmartFix Concept provides many unique benefits that make it a standout option for patients seeking to restore their oral health, appearance, and function after widespread tooth loss. Like all full mouth dental implant methods, SmartFix relies upon dental implants and a prosthetic. However, SmartFix only requires the implantation of four to six ASTRA TECH dental implants into patients' jawbones to support their full mouth prosthetics. The ASTRA TECH dental implants are engineered to be longer than traditional dental implants, giving them more implant-to-bone interface.

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Additionally, two of the dental implant posts are placed at an angle. This innovative angulation increases the dental implants' ability to stabilize a temporary full mouth prosthetic right after surgery and a permanent full mouth prosthetic within a few months after the surgery. With the SmartFix concept, patients can return to eating the foods they want right after having their dental implant procedure. They can also stop using uncomfortable removable dentures. The SmartFix prosthetic remains in place 24/7 and requires only basic, routine at-home oral care.

The journey to receive SmartFix full-arch dental implants begins with a thorough consultation and examination. Dr. Lauren Anderson, the founder of Anderson Periodontal Wellness and a leading board-certified periodontist known for her technologically advanced solutions, relies on CBCT scans and other high-end diagnostic tools for customized treatment plans.

Depending upon a patient's needs, Dr. Anderson may advise other treatments prior to the placement of SmartFix dental implants. During SmartFix surgery, patients are appropriately sedated to ensure a comfortable, positive experience. Success rates for SmartFix dental implants are impressively high, making the SmartFix concept system an excellent tooth restoration option for most patients.

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About Anderson Periodontal Wellness: At the Anderson Periodontal Wellness office in Bloomfield Hills, MI, Dr. Lauren Anderson is proud to be a diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and specializes in complex patient cases.

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