Understanding Form in Martial Arts and Earning a Custom Martial Arts Certificate

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Michimich -- Do you struggle to express yourself?

Have you ever felt an authentic connection between your mind and body?

Martial arts is a collection of postural forms designed to express physical energy in an intelligent way. This expression of energy can be utilized for many practical purposes, such as striking a target, throwing an opponent, or evading an attack.

Understanding Your Form

To understand the body geometrically, you should first be aware of the physical center point where the body's mass and balance naturally settle. First, envision a sphere whose radius originates at the body's origin. If circumstances demand occupation outside this sphere, then the origin of the sphere must be repositioned to accommodate. Now, the line representing the body can bow or hinge on shaping new tools within the sphere.

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Build Connection Through Form to Work Towards a Custom Martial Arts Certificate

Are you ready to feel true balance?

The path of balance and personal form can lead you to martial arts. The practice of martial arts guided by certified instructors allows you to experience positive change and impact on your mind and body in ways you never expected

About Shudokan Martial Arts Academy: SMAA was founded in January 1994 by a group of martial artists who were concerned with promoting and safeguarding Nihon budo and koryu bujutsu--the traditional martial arts and ways of Japan. SMAA is a non-profit that aims keep the spirit of traditional budo alive in the West. Anyone can become a member, even if you aren't a martial artist, and SMAA members are from multiple countries across the globe.

Contact SMAA here:  https://www.smaa-hq.com/contact

Source: Shudokan Martial Arts Academy

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