Want to Solve Employee Issues and Create an Intentional Culture? EOS Has the Keys in their New Book: People

BIRMINGHAM, Mich., April 2, 2024 ~ The highly anticipated second installment of the Mastery Series of the EOS Worldwide Traction Library, titled People: Dare to Build an Intentional Culture, is set to debut on April 2. This book aims to provide readers with the necessary tools to create a thriving workplace and tackle one of the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurial companies - people problems.

According to a survey conducted by EOS®, 82% of companies are struggling to get the most out of their employees. This is further supported by a study from the Engagement Institute, which estimates that disengaged employees cost businesses between $450 billion and $550 billion in lost productivity.

In today's competitive business landscape, finding and retaining top talent is crucial for success. People: Dare to Build an Intentional Culture offers readers a lifeline of tools and strategies to help them identify and implement core values, adopt healthy cultural habits, hire strategically, and retain the right people.

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Creating an intentional culture is not an easy task. Co-author and EOS Worldwide Visionary Mark O'Donnell acknowledges that it takes courage for leaders to confront issues within their company's culture. He states, "Often we are working with leadership teams and someone isn't a fit. They don't have the GWC™ (Get, Want, have Capacity) to do their job, and it's scary for a leader to let them go. That's the number one struggle businesses have in getting stronger with the People Component®️: simply lacking the courage to change."

Co-author and EOS Worldwide Integrator™ Kelly Knight adds that building an intentional culture not only benefits businesses but also improves quality of life for employees. She says, "When you see an intentional culture where people are loving what they do and companies are growing, and you can see the magnitude and impact they are having in the world, that didn't happen by accident. It is truly from being dedicated to building an intentional culture."

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The authors of People: Dare to Build an Intentional Culture are highly experienced in the field of leadership and organizational development. Mark O'Donnell is the CEO and Visionary at EOS Worldwide, while Kelly Knight serves as the President and Integrator. CJ DuBe', an Expert EOS Implementer®, also contributed to the book.

Co-author CJ DuBe' expresses excitement about bringing this book to the entrepreneurial community, stating, "We are so excited to bring People to the entrepreneurial community so business leaders can learn the intangible benefits of employee alignment."

Readers can download the first chapter of People: Dare to Build an Intentional Culture for free and pre-order their copy on April 2. With their combined expertise and insights, O'Donnell, Knight, and DuBe' offer a valuable resource for businesses looking to create a strong and intentional culture that will drive success and improve overall quality of life.
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