Wolverine Glass Shares the Signs It's Time to Replace Your Shower Door

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Michimich -- Are cracks and fogged glass starting to cloud your view?

Picture this: you step into your bathroom, ready to indulge in a refreshing shower, only to be greeted by wear and tear on your shower door that's impossible to ignore.

It might be time to bid farewell to your old shower door and welcome in a new era of elegance and functionality.

Here are a few signs that your shower door is due for a makeover:

Outdated Finish or Color
Styles and colors can quickly become outdated, leaving your old shower door looking out of place. If you've recently acquired a home with a shower door sporting a finish or color that doesn't line up with your taste, replacing it with a more contemporary option can give your bathroom a refreshing update

Corroded or Scratched Metal Hardware
While shower hardware is typically designed to resist rusting, over time, exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals can cause corrosion or damage to the metal finish. If you notice corroded or scratched hardware on your shower door, it might be time to replace the entire unit to maintain both functionality and aesthetics.

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Deteriorating caulk around the shower door can lead to leaks over time. While adding more caulk might seem like a quick fix, it's often temporary and can detract from the appearance of your bathroom. Rather than resorting to temporary fixes, seize the opportunity to address the root cause by replacing the entire enclosure for lasting peace of mind.

Upgrades Your Shower in Ann Arbor with Wolverine Glass
Is it time for an upgraded shower in Ann Arbor?

By recognizing these signs, you can proactively address any issues with your shower door, ensuring your bathroom remains both functional and visually appealing after your replacement door is installed.

Contact the Wolverine Glass team today for a consultation on your dream shower makeover!

About Wolverine Glass: Whether you have a standard project, want a one-of-a-kind design for your shower door, mirror, or tabletop, or if you're looking for a stand-out custom or commercial design, we can help. With over 30 years of experience, Wolverine Glass is a reliable source for glass shower doors in Ann Arbor. Stop by their showroom in Dexter or call them at 734-426-5600 to discuss your glass needs or to arrange for a free consultation.

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