You've Been Thinking About Whey Protein All Wrong

New Patented Supplement Technology Isolates the Actives in Whey Protein for 3X the Muscle Building Performance and 1/5 the Calories.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Michimich -- Whey Protein, the traditional go-to muscle building supplement for athletes around the world, is holding a nasty little secret:  it can't be absorbed as-is.  The reason athletes take protein supplements in the first place is actually to obtain what protein is made of:  Amino Acids, the bits and bytes of your body's operating system.  The problem is that it takes 2-4 hours to break a protein down into its individual amino acids…that's long after your workout, leaving depleted muscles starving and severely stunting recovery and growth.

This shouldn't be a revelation – scientists have known this for decades.  But there's a lot of money tied up in having you think this is still the best way to supplement your protein intake.

Invisible Force Nutrition announces a brand new formula that dials into the amino acids your body can only get from it's diet and constructs them in patented ratios to deliver the most effective, safe muscle building supplement known.  So powerful that they've been shown to build muscle faster than Whey Protein Isolate by more than 3X with only 20 calories per serving.

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"While for the past decade or so most supplement brands have been selling essentially the same things and focusing on branding….athlete sponsorships, flashy labels, social media smokescreens," Twenty year old CEO James DeMorrow remarked, "I had the chance to work with the same technology used by doctors to help people build muscle better and jumped at the opportunity."

Supported by a patent – rare in the world of nutritional supplements, Invisible Force even looks different in that it mixes clear like water.  "This was important to our brand.  We're not about neon colors, dyes and fillers.  Instead, we focused on zeroing in on the precise ratios of muscle building essential amino acids backed by over $20 million in research." says Marc Stover, Partner, "We want to not only say we're different and better, we wanted to be able to prove it."

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Invisible Force Nutrition, LLC.

Source: Invisible Force Nutrition, LLC.
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