Alpha Gold Fund - Twelve Month Performance Market Update

MANHATTAN, N.Y. - Michimich -- Twelve Month Performance Market Update.

Alpha Gold has just reached a significant milestone for any Portfolio Manager of twelve months of trading. In that period the portfolio has returned to investors net +48.91%.

Designed as a technical, long-short, multi-strategy absolute returns-focused portfolio, the Alpha Gold Fund by Areus Asset Management focuses on the Spot Gold/USD currency pair.

An alternative approach:
Equities have underperformed in the past twelve months. However, unlike equities the Areus Alpha Gold Fund portfolio does not rely on asset price appreciation. Instead, it looks to generate returns from natural price action volatility, regardless of the general direction of the underlying asset price.

Spot the difference:
The fund primarily invests in XAUUSD spot gold to target high risk-adjusted returns uncorrelated to traditional asset classes. XAUUSD is the second most liquid pair in the currency market; the price of gold relative to the US dollar determines its value.

Best in class:

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The portfolio's returns come from realized trading gains in liquid spot gold transactions. High trading volume, tight spreads, and high liquidity make spot gold an evergreen asset class. Using algorithms to minimize human error, Alpha Gold executes a systematic, risk-disciplined approach to optimize speed and scale. Multiple trading strategies exploit various market opportunities and inefficiencies and diversify exposure to regulate overall capital drawdown.

Underpinning Areus Asset Management is an awarding-winning team who have received a total of twelve, top 10 awards by BarclayHedge including world number #1 in the currency traders, systematic traders, CTA's and short-term categories.

12 Month Returns: Alpha Gold vs Major Indexes*
Alpha Gold +48.91%
Dow Jones    -3.66%
Nasdaq        -12.07%
S&P 500        -8.81%

From the Portfolio Manager - February 2023 Update:
"Alpha Gold portfolio moved higher in February (+3.18%) benefiting mostly from short-term Gold short (sell) trades in the first half of the month whilst longer-term Gold long (buy) positions opened by the range-bound strategy contributed to any drawdown, given gold prices continue to trend lower on the back of a stronger Dollar. With the persistent high inflation data in the US leading to expectations of further rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, we foresee prices to have more short-term downside. Expecting continued volatility in the FX/Gold space, we will maintain our cautious risk approach in capturing quality risk-adjusted returns across our trading strategies in the portfolio".

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The fund facts:
The Areus Alpha Gold Fund is open only to US Accredited Investors, as defined by Rule 501 of Regulation D in the Securities Act, or Qualified Purchasers, as defined by the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended; and Australian Wholesale Investors under S.708 of the Corporations Act 2001. Prospective Investors will be asked to provide either supporting documents or third-party verification of such status, certify that they are eligible to invest, and must acknowledge that they have received and read all investment materials. Referenced Alpha compounding returns are that of the underlying portfolio manager's (USD) investment fund portfolio since its March 1st, 2022, inception and have been calculated net of the fees outlined in the Investment Information Memorandum. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Please visit to read the full Disclaimer and the Investment Information Memorandum for all information relating to the Areus Alpha Gold Fund.

Trent McGraw

Source: Areus Asset Management

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