C & C Heating & Air Conditioning recommends cleaning a home's ductwork to prevent respiratory issues

C & C Heating & Air Conditioning says a dusty or moldy home may be a sign of dirty ducts and can make winter illnesses more acute if not addressed properly.
The Detroit-area HVAC company says a dusty or moldy home may be a sign of dirty ducts and can make winter illnesses more acute

DETROIT, Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, a leading Detroit-area heating and cooling company with more than six decades of experience, says an abundance of dust and mold could signal that a home has dirty ductwork, which can lead to a variety of respiratory illnesses this winter.

"During the holidays, we deep clean our house in preparation for guests but many homeowners don't often think about how dirty air ducts can be," said Dayna Hottle, general manager of C & C Heating and Air Conditioning. "Since the pandemic, we're more aware of our indoor air quality and how that affects our health. One way to combat ill effects of dirty air is to have your ductwork professionally cleaned."

Hottle said ductwork cleaning should be done every seven to 10 years but might be needed more often if there are pets or a smoker in the home, if mold growth is visible, after a renovation or if you've recently had issues with vermin inside the home.

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"Duct cleaning is just one component of a proper system cleaning," she said. "Not only do you need a professional inspection to determine the extent of your buildup, but you should also make sure the team you hire does more than simply vacuum your vents."

Hottle said hiring a cleaning crew that is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and offers complete cleaning of your HVAC system's coils, coil drain pans, plenums, air filters, ducts, fans, vents and registers is ideal.

She said homeowners can expect cleaner air, a more efficient and longer-lasting HVAC system, less dust and fresher smelling air after a proper duct cleaning.

"This is also a great opportunity to spot and correct minor problems," she said. "Because the system is cleared of dirt and debris, issues that might not have been visible before come to light. This can help you stop future problems before they develop."

But, Hottle said the number one service a homeowner can perform to keep ductwork dirt at a minimum is the change the system's filter regularly.

"Changing the filter is your HVAC system's first line of defense," she said. "Not only can it help keep your ductwork clean, it also improves your home's air quality and increases your system's efficiency. Once you get your ductwork professionally cleaned, it's a good idea to replace your filter often to extend the benefits of your clean ducts."

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