Bizarre has a Crush on "Candance Parker"

Bizarre of D12 releases new video about his new crush "Candance Parker" Let's Hoop!

DETROIT - Michimich -- Bizarre has a new crush! The crush is on a female basketball player, Candance Parker. Does she know it? Probably as of now, after a new video was released on Youtube titled "Candance Parker" the video was released by Bizarre himself hanging out on a basketball court. The man is in love all over again. After one day the video has had over 3 thousand views. The video, Candance Parker is expected to reach over 150,000 views on Youtube alone within a few weeks of release.
A few years ago Bizarre released a song title "Hey Nicki" which might have featured Nicki Minaj? Or did it? Back then, Bizarre even went to the lengths of getting a tattoo of Nicki Minaj's face on his arm. Will he be getting a new tattoo of Candance Parker somewhere for the world to see? Only time will tell.

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Bizarre is always doing something weird and out of this world, it is just the way he is as an entertainer. Bizarre is very unpredictable with what music he is going to release and when he is releasing music. However word has it there is four new projects coming this year, the first one is titled "Dumpster Juice" to be released in the month of August.

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