Detroit-area home service company offers quick tips to protect homes and families from winter hazards

C & C Heating & Air Conditioning says homes can face a number of hazards when the temperatures drops and offers these easy tips to prepare for cold weather.
C & C Heating & Air Conditioning says that when temperatures drop, homes can face a number of cold weather dangers

DETROIT, Feb. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- When the temperature drops, homes can experience a number of issues that can cost homeowners thousands in damages, but C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, a leading Detroit-area heating and cooling company, says residents can follow some simple tips to minimize their risks.

"Ice, snow, wind and melting runoff can all cause considerable damage to your home," said Dayna Hottle, general manager of C & C Heating and Air Conditioning. "Fortunately, there are some easy and cost-effective precautions you can take to protect your home and yourself from the cold and minimize your liability in the process."

Hottle suggested homeowners take the following measures:
  1. Clean out the gutters. Without leaves, sticks and other debris clogging the gutter, melting snow and ice move more freely. This can prevent ice damming.
  2. Add extra insulation to basements, attics and crawl spaces. If too much heat escapes through the attic, it will melt the snow on the roof that can then re-freeze. This builds up layers of ice that can damage the roof. Insulating the basement and crawl space will help protect pipes from freezing and keep homes warmer.
  3. Use heating cables and insulation on pipes. These methods will keep pipes from freezing. Freezing pipes can burst, causing flooding when the ice thaws and water can flow. Flooding can damage a home's floors and walls and can ruin furniture, electronics and other valuables.
  4. Install carbon monoxide detectors. Some types of heating systems can emit carbon monoxide if damaged or not used correctly. A detector can sound the alarm on CO leaks. CO is odorless and colorless and can cause illness or death before the homeowner knows it is present in the home.
  5. Have the heating system serviced. Furnaces, boilers, HVAC systems and fireplaces should be inspected and maintained at least once a year. This helps them run without issue during very cold days and can prevent fire hazards.

"It may cost you some money to do some of these things or hire a contractor to have them done, but it will save you a lot more in damages and repair costs in the future," Hottle said. "Preparing for extreme weather can also help you protect your family from being exposed to damages that can make them uncomfortable, ill or worse. Protecting your home from the elements is simply safer in the long run."

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