Ever So Green Gives Tips for Preparing Your Lawn for Upcoming Snow

HOWELL, Mich. - Michimich -- Is your lawn ready for Michigan's impending snow?

Wondering how you can best prepare your lawn for the winter?

With another winter knocking on the door, now is the time to get your lawn ready for the cold and snow.

Winter lawn care is unlike lawn care during the rest of the year, but still very important to the overall health of your lawn. Following these helpful tips will have your yard ready to re-emerge in the spring:

1. For your final mowing, mow your grass a little bit shorter than usual. Grass that's too long over the winter can collect mold and spread disease. One last mow before it snows keeps it short enough to resist disease over the winter. However, the cold can overstress grass that's cut too short. The best grass height for winter is 3 ¼ inches.

2. Keep the lawn clean – Make sure you've raked the last bit of leaves that have fallen from your trees. Your lawn needs to breathe and leaving piled up leaves can damage your yard. Try to avoid leaving any other objects, like furniture and toys, on your lawn during the winter as well. This will ensure your grass gets enough sunlight.

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3. Maintain your lawn mower – After the final mow of the season, you should perform a check up on your mower before properly storing it for the season.

Here are five things you can do for your lawn mower before storage:

1. Replacing old mower blades
2. Changing the oil
3. Checking for leaks
4. Addressing any internal or external issues
5. Draining any remaining fuel

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Get More Tips from Professional Lawn Care in Livingston County

Looking for more tips on caring for your lawn during the winter?

Ever So Green has you covered! Their Livingston County-based professional lawn care team is happy to answer your questions. Call (517) 540-1100 or submit a contact form here: https://www.eversogreen.net/contact. For more winter lawn care tips, check out our Learn More page for past articles as well!

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About Ever So Green: Family owned, Livingston County-based and serving Livingston County since 1997, it's our mission and top priority to provide you with professional, high quality and convenient service. For quotes on fertilizing, grub control, and broadleaf weed control services, please request a quote on our website or give us a call at 517-540-1100.

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