HIBLOW USA Helps Homeowners Choose the Best Aerator for Their Pond

SALINE, Mich. - Michimich -- Water depth, the energy source, size requirement, air volume, noise level, and budget may all be considerations when choosing the best model for your pond.

HP Series – best for deeper ponds up to 10'
The HP Series has been around for a few decades and is the most reliable and longest-lasting aerator on the market.  Larger than the XP and WG, the series uses more electricity, but is very quiet and robust – able to handle up to 10' in water depth.

XP Series – best for energy savings/ solar applications
The series is an excellent choice for those seeking energy savings or for solar applications when wattage is a major factor.  The XP Series operates at about the same sound level as the HP Series and is outdoor UL rated.  It has 3 pumps sizes aerating ponds from 16K gallons up to 1/2 acre.  HIBLOW recommends using the XP for shallow ponds up to 6-8' in depth.

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WG Series – best for the budget
The Water Garden Series was developed specifically for pond applications.  To keep the cost down, the WG Series is molded with a plastic outer housing and therefore should be placed under a cover. The WG Series is more energy efficient than the HP Series.  Like the XP Series, it has 3 pumps sizes aerating ponds from 16K gallons up to ½ acre.    HIBLOW recommends using the WG for shallow ponds up to 6-8' in depth.

Read more: https://www.hiblow-usa.com/2022/03/31/pond-aerator-model-guide/

About HIBLOW USA: In many onsite treatment systems, the air pump is the only moving part in the overall septic system, so it must be dependable. Working 24 hours a day and through all four seasons of the year — HIBLOW linear air pumps set the industry standard for reliability and service life.

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