Lady Zhe's Violin Christmas Music: A Unique Rendition Of 'It Came Upon A Midnight Clear'

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LONG BEACH, Calif. - Michimich -- This holiday season, Lady Zhe, the renowned Jazz Fusion Violinist, is not only enchanting audiences with her extraordinary rendition of 'It Came Upon A Midnight Clear' but also sharing a remarkable story of resilience and gratitude. From facing homelessness in 2012 to becoming the CEO of a thriving Digital Marketing Company, The SEO Queen, Lady Zhe's journey is an inspiration that adds depth to the magic of her Christmas music.

In 2012, Lady Zhe's life took an unexpected turn, confronting her with professional and personal crises that left her homeless. Undeterred, she started her digital marketing company with just a laptop, experience, and knowledge. Struggling to stay housed while launching her Digital Marketing Agency, later rebranded and relaunched as The SEO Queen in 2017, Lady Zhe found support from a guardian angel who not only helped her financially but also invested in her passion for music.

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During this challenging time, Lady Zhe's guardian angel provided her with studio time to record an album, allowing her to promote her music and make ends meet. This investment empowered Lady Zhe to record and produce a CD that she sold at her performances, sustaining her with the means to keep gas in her car and food on her table. Lady Zhe remains grateful to her guardian angel for this pivotal support, a gesture that played a crucial role in her journey from adversity to success.

Today, as the CEO of The SEO Queen, Lady Zhe is excited to share the gift of music this Christmas season. Her new release, a unique rendition of 'It Came Upon A Midnight Clear,' showcases her virtuosity on the violin and incorporates Jazz Fusion, breathing new life into this timeless classic. Lady Zhe's music is not just a reflection of her talent but also a testament to her resilience and determination to overcome challenges.

In addition to her Christmas music release, Lady Zhe is thrilled to announce that she was asked to perform at the recent Taste of Soul Festival on the Brenda Marsh Mitchell Gospel Music Stage in Los Angeles. The opportunity to share her music on such a renowned stage on October 21, 2023 was an honor for Lady Zhe, and she looks forward to more exciting opportunities in 2024.

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Lady Zhe is particularly excited about the year ahead and is eager to share her Christmas music with audiences worldwide. Her journey, marked by triumph, faith, and the spirit of giving, adds an extra layer of meaning to the enchanting notes of her violin, making her music a heartfelt gift to be cherished during the festive season.

Quotes about Lady Zhe's Music:

Mr. Bennie Randall, a music enthusiast, shares, "Lady Zhe's music is on my Christmas playlist. Very nice and relaxing."

Entrepreneur Fred Shelton remarks about Lady Zhe's Gospel Album, "What IS Gospel Music?" which is available at, says her music is:, "Powerful and Inspirational"

Experience the magic of Lady Zhe's Jazz Fusion Violin and her unique rendition of 'It Came Upon A Midnight Clear' this holiday season. Her music is available for streaming on all major platforms, and her inspiring journey is a reminder that the power of music and perseverance can turn adversity into a symphony of success.

Don't miss the opportunity to make Lady Zhe's music a part of your Christmas tradition this year and for many holiday seasons to come.

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