Michigan: Winter fun is here!

Winter fun is here!

Winter fun is here!
Michigan Department of Natural Resources sent this bulletin at 12/23/2020 01:00 PM EST

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There are so many ways to explore Michigan in winter, and during this busy time before the new year, sometimes carving out just a few minutes to get outside – even in your own backyard – can make a big difference in your physical and mental health.

So gear up to get out and give these quick ideas a try:
  • Grab your phone to listen to the DNR's "Wildtalk" podcast while you take a quick walk outside to enjoy the cold, crisp Michigan air.
  • Though some of our summer bird species migrate south in the winter, others stick around, making for some fun winter birding challenges. Learn more about wintering birds at Michigan.gov/Birding.
  • Even for long-time northern residents, viewing the Aurora Borealis can remain a bucket list item. This wispy light show is best seen during a clear winter night from late August to early April. Why not make it a goal to chase this year's Aurora? Bundle up, step out, gaze north and look up. Then head to Michigan.gov/DarkSky for other great celestial happenings!

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