Screen, Quarantine and Monitor with MedWand's™ New, Cutting-Edge Telemedicine Kit: Mobile SQM DOC

Medwand Sqm Doc
LAS VEGAS - Michimich -- The award-winning company and leader in telehealth, MedWand Solutions, Inc, has announced the debut of its latest creation in MedWand™ Kits: the Mobile Screen, Quarantine, Monitor (SQM) DOC. Equipped for the war against the spread of the coronavirus, Medwand's Mobile SQM unit includes a hand-held, cutting-edge, telehealth MedWand™ device that houses ten diagnostic tools, a UV sanitation device, a two-in-one touch screen tablet, wooden tongue depressors, and more, to provide a solution to help monitor and detect patients who are believed to, or already have, contracted the Covid-19 virus.

"MedWand has the ability to help save many lives and is easy to use. MedWand™ can help with triage, monitoring people in quarantine, and examining people for other conditions without bringing them into a potentially contaminated area," shared Samir Qamar, M.D., Co-Founder and CEO of MedWand™ Solutions. "It has web-based software with military-grade encryption - we have the right tool at the right time, and we can deploy it fast."

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The MedWand™ device allows clinicians to conduct remote office visits, through the real-time collection of multiple vital sign readings and key patient assessments. It can listen to your heart and lungs, measure respiratory rates and blood oxygen levels, take your temperature, scan your skin and even look at your tonsils. All of this information gets sent in real time to your doctor who watches, listens, and interacts through a secure video portal on their computer.

The latest Medwand™ device kit, SQM DOC, offers monitoring with zero risk of infection, while tracking and monitoring trends in real-time. Each SQM DOC contains a sanitation device that uses UV technology, allowing a single MedWand to be used by multiple patients. The kit also includes anti-microbial wipes, sixty disposable wooden tongue depressors that can be inserted into the MedWand™ so the high-resolution camera can capture a clear photo of the back of the throat, the MedWand™ device, and a touchscreen tablet pre-configured and loaded with Medwand™ application to allow a real-time doctor visit. The mobile doc unit is packaged in a ruggedized protective carrying case.

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"MedWand™ has specific diagnostic instruments to remotely examine coronavirus patients, so we filed for an emergency use authorization with the FDA. We hope this will get approved quickly and should allow us to get these devices into the right hands, right away," added Dr. Qamar. "This is the future of healthcare. MedWand™ offers a solution to help stop the spread of contagious diseases."

MedWand™ is an award-winning device created by physicians and medical device engineers. The handheld product includes a stethoscope, otoscope, dermatoscope, throat illuminator with camera, IR thermometer, ECG, and pulse oximeter (SpO2, heart rate, respiratory rate). In addition to the Mobile SQM DOC, Medwand™ solutions also offers a Home DOC, Office DOC, and Mobile DOC. For more information on MedWand and the creators behind the device visit Pending clearance by the FDA. Not available for sale in all countries.

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Source: MedWand Solutions, Inc.
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