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ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Michimich -- Are you replacing your roof?

Want to make sure it's as energy efficient as possible?

Your roof is a large component of your home, but it isn't something you usually think about. When you do think about it, you're probably just crossing your fingers that it will last a few more years!

Replacing your roof is eventually necessary to keep your home safe and secure, but it is also likely to lower your energy costs! Let's look at two key ways your roofing system affects energy use.

1. Ventilation: you need to allow air to circulate in the attic space below your roof for optimal conditions. This is where vents come in.

Without ventilation, hot air and even moisture stagnates below the roof and can cause serious warping which limits the useful life of your roof. Intakes at the lowest points of your roof draw cooler, fresh air in. Exhaust vents at the highest points of your roof allow hot air to escape.

It's possible an older roofing system doesn't have adequate ventilation. Your roofing company can easily add more when replacing your roof.

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2. Shingles: more efficient shingles absorb significantly less heat and reduce the load on your A/C or just keep your house cooler. It's a simple concept, but it makes a huge impact. For example, Energy Star rated shingles lower roof surface temperatures by up to 50°F!

Your choice of shingle material plays a principal role in efficiency and lowering energy bills, and so does color. Lighter colors work to reflect heat and lower cooling costs, while darker colors absorb more heat.

To learn more about how your roof can save you money, visit the Roofman USA website!

Improve Your Energy Efficiency with a Local Roofing Company in Ann Arbor

To get the most efficiency out of your roof, hire a great roofing company in Ann Arbor. Give Roofman a call at (734)662-3300 today or fill out a contact form! They can help you with the roofing upgrade you need to lower your energy bills.

About Roofman USA: Roofman USA is a family-owned company proud of its dependable, local business. Their team of roofing specialists is the finest in the business. State-licensed and fully insured, your home is protected from start to finish. All their roofing specialists must first pass the Roofman Expert Application Test, to ensure quality work every time.

Contact: https://www.roofmanusa.com/contact

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